The entire drive of the A77 was built on a stable, torsion-free die-cast chassis; For further stability, the tonearm bearing, the tonehead carrier and even the side walls were made of die cast.

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The well-known reliability of the Revox A77 is a result of a professional design concept which successfully combines the advantages of a solidly constructed tape transport mechanism with the advantages of an advanced electronic circuit design. A 3-motor transport mechanism with electronically regulated capstan motor and solenoid operated servo-brakes possesses few parts which are subject to mechanical wear. The use of a diecast motor chassis and head support ensures that a high degree of mechanical precision and long term stability are maintained, even under excessively heavy use. The mechanical and electronic properties thus complement each other in a most successful way.

Technical Data

Tape Transport Three Studer eddy current motors. Electronically governed capstan motor. Electronic speed change. Solenoid operated via 3 relays.
Tape Speeds 3.75 and 7.5 ips (9,5 cm and 19 cm/sec.) ± 0.2%
High speed Version: 7.5 and 15 ips (19 cm and 38 cm/sec.) ± 0.2%
Wow and Flutter max. ± 0.04% at 15 ips
max. ± 0.08% at 7.5 ips
max. ± 0.1% at 3.75 ips (Weighted at DIN Standard 45507)
Tape Slip Less than 0.2%
Reel Diameter Maximum 10.5″ (26,5cm)
(Minimum hub diameter 23/8 inches)
Forward / Rewind Fast winding time for 1800′ (1100m) is 92 seconds
Tape Heads Three (Separate precision erase, record and playback heads.) Patented ‘True Radius’ design ensures excellent S/N ratio and head wrap
Operating position horizontal or vertical
Monitoring Individual stereo record and playback heads with separate preamps, plus separate record and play circuits permit full source-tape monitoring.
Equalization NAB Standard on both record and playback at all speeds.
IEC Standard switchable on playback only.
Record Playback
Frequency Response:(Based on Revox 601)
15 ips – 30 Hz – 20 kHz ± 1.5 dB
7.5 ips – 30 Hz – 20 kHz + 2 / – 3 dB
3.75 ips – 30 Hz – 16 kHz + 2 / – 3 dB
Signal to noise: 2-Track:
15 ips – better than 66 dB
7.5 ips – better than 66 dB
3.75 ips – better than 63 dB4-Track:
15 ips – better than 62 dB
7.5 ips – better than 62 dB
3.75 ips – better than 59 dBAdd 4 dB to the above figures with Dolby on, referenced to less than 2% THD
(Reference with Scotch 203 or Revox 601 or equivalent. Weighted as per CCITT C-curve to exclude supersonic bias noise.)
Output per channel OUTPUT: max 2.5 rms @ 600 ohms
RADIO: max 1.2 rms @ 2.5 K ohms
PHONES: 200 – 600 ohms (no electrostatic)
Semiconductor complement 54 Transistors; 32 diodes, 4 silicon rectifiers, 1 CdS-cell
Remote control Fully electric for all operation functions.
Output Amplifiers Plug-in optional. 2 x8 watts continuous rms power, 2 x10 watts music power as per IHFM, 4-16 ohms, less than 1% distortion.
Power Supply Electronically stabilized.
Mains voltages 110, 130, 150, 220,240, 250V / 50-60 Hz.
Power consumption 70 to 100 watts
(Wooden Cabinet)
161/4” W x 141/8” H x 81/2” D.
(Measurements include knobs but not reels.)
Weight Approximately 34 pounds (» 15 kg)


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