The B77 is equipped with three AC asynchronous motors and a capstan which is controlled by a tachometer head that monitors impulses created by the teeth on the perimeter of the motor. This ensure speed accuracy while reducing wow and flutter.

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A completely new hi-fi range was showcased at the 1977 audio specialist exhibition, together with the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape deck. As well as the B750 amplifier and the B760 FM tuner, this included the B790 record player and the BX series speakers.

There weren’t any significant differences between the B77 drive and the tried-and-tested A77 design. Rather , new features had been integrated during the development, which previously had only been available in the exclusive and expensive A700. The B77 was controlled though pinch-point buttons. An integrated drive control logic handled the execution, taking into account the movement state of the tape through tape sensors. In this way, there was remote controllability of all functions. An external capstan motor control permitted tape speed variations of +/- 10%. The B77 was equipped with a cutter and gluing bar to make tape splicing very easy.


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