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T700 Studiomaster Review

Olaf Sturm
July 8, 2021
Those who said goodbye to their turntables and their LPs years ago, or those who own an entry-level record player and have tasted blood or simply don’t want to turn the mission of buying a new turntable into a drama, will find an excellent solution in the Studiomaster T700.

Test: Revox Studioart 5.1 Home Theater System B100, A100, P100 & S100

Alex Röser
May 13, 2021
This is the future. And these days it no longer necessarily has to compromise on performance, to meet the contemporary requirements for flexibility and scalability.

TEST: Revox Studiomaster T700 – Demanding entry and advancement into the vinyl world

Jonas Bednarz
April 4, 2021
Our hearing test showed: After purchasing the Studiomaster T700, you no longer need to think about the turntable, because it is that good.

Revox Joy – audiophile audio system in lifestyle design

Volker Frech
January 29, 2021
With its design, the Joy series stands out pleasantly from the usual hi-fi look. With their half-size format, the components have a slim appearance - and at the same time they exude an extremely high quality.

Revox Studioart S100 Soundbar plus Studioart B100 bass module

Carsten Rampacher
November 11, 2020
The Revox Studioart S100 develops together with the active bass module B100 a very lively and dynamic, at the same time tonally astonishingly authentic soundscape.

Revox Limited Edition: high-end sound quality meets exclusive design wonder

September 29, 2020
The combination of sound quality, visual timelessness and the verifiable, strict limitation make up the ideal value of this set.