INV 20 Mini

$1,099.00 USD

Special speakers for invisible installation in ceilings and walls, hidden under plaster or paint. In various variants for all requirements.


Sounding walls through invisible speakers! The innovative surface loudspeakers of the Invisible series are only a few millimetres thick and are installed completely invisibly under plaster, paint or wallpaper, turning the wall or ceiling into a hidden sound source. The amazing listening experience: Due to the special flat radiation characteristic of the Invisible Soundboards, their impressive, harmonious sound is equally audible everywhere in the room – regardless of the listener’s position.

The INV 20 mini is a compact-size surface loudspeakers installed invisibly under plaster, paint or wallpaper. With special polymer membrane for integration in dry construction, solid construction, walls and ceilings as well as in specific applications. Due to the very small dimensions, the Invisible Speaker fits even with limited specifications.


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