Multiuser amplifier 219b

$999.00 USD

Amplifier for the Revox Multiuser system with 2x 30 watt, in/out trigger and connection options for a Revox wall-mounted control.

For each of the individual rooms of a Multiuser installation, you require a Multiuser amplifier which is connected to the Multiuser Server via a high-quality Ethernet network.

The V219b Multiuser Amplifier has 2 x 30 watt RMS and enough power to deliver music of the very highest audio quality to smaller rooms, such as bathrooms or lavatories. The excellent power amplifier works well with practically any speaker. Except for the absence of the display, the features (inputs/outputs, triggers, connection options for a wall-mounted control etc.) of the product are identical to those of its bigger brother, the V219. Just like the V219, the product can also be configured using the configurator and integrated into the Multiuser system

For the Revox speakers, Revox utilises the integrated digital signal processor to ensure the highest sound quality of the respective combination of Revox amplifier and Revox speakers by applying a corresponding optimised individual configuration.