Multiuser KNX Gateway

$599.00 USD

This equipment allows the integration of the Multiuser System into the building automation.

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Using the Revox KNX Multiuser KNX Gateway, the Voxnet system can be integrated easily into the KNX Building Management application, irrespective of which manufacturer is selected.

The Revox Multiuser KNX Gateway serves as the interface between the Revox Multiuser system and KNX. The most frequently used functions are controlled with a simple 1 bit command and appropriate status response messages are available for the basic functions.

  • The Revox KNX Gateway can control up to 10 rooms.
  • Up to two gateways can be deployed per Voxnet Server, meaning that a maximum of 20 rooms can be controlled. If necessary, the number of Voxnet Servers can be increased.
  • Functions are linked directly with group addresses in the ETS programming software.
  • Revox offers a complete database in the ETS for the project management.
  • 50 communication objects are currently available for each room, e.g.:
    – Room ON/ OFF incl. status
    – User ON/ OFF incl. status
    – Selection of the User-Streams
    – Selection of the local sources (3 sources on the I/O module, 3 user-favourite streams)
    – Control commands: Next, Previous, and Pause
    – Volume commands: Absolute, Relative ±, Mute, Feedback
    – Timer ON/ OFF (from the Voxnet Server)  incl. status
  • In addition, 8 (4 x ON/ 4 x OFF) individual actions are available, whose function can be defined in the Revox Server (Configurator).
  • The Revox Multiroom System reacts to KNX scene numbers (1 – 64).
  • KNX scenes (1 – 64) can be executed from the Revox Multiuser System.
  • 8 freely definable KNX actions (1 bit commands) are available in addition to the KNX scenes that can be triggered directly from the Revox world.