Subwoofer B100

$1,399.00 USD

Powerful bass reflex subwoofer with dynamics-optimized, accurate bass response and lowest distortion. Integrated dual-port bass reflex technology.

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The STUDIO ART Subwoofer B100 presents itself as a perfect partner to the A100 and P100, if you require even more impressive bass reproduction. This is made possible by the innovative chassis and downfire principle (ground as a radiation field) and the special housing construction with dual port for extremely precise bass reproduction. Practical: the phase regulation and adjustment of the bass intensity via smartphone via Revox App – directly from your listening and seat.

The STUDIO ART B100 can also be used universally with other Revox music systems.


  • Impressive and Precise Bass Reproduction
  • True Studio Sound Quality
  • Innovative Chassis and Downfire Principle (Floor as Radiation Field)
  • Wireless Radio Connection (Kleernet Tm ) to Other Studioart Loudspeakers
  • Possible Use in the Multiroom System
  • Simple Operation via the Revox App
  • Use With Other Revox Speakers

Technical Data

Dimensions weight (kg): 11.8
length (mm): 300
height (mm): 410
width (mm): 300
Power supply power connection
Performance 240 W
Efficiency max. 100 dB/1m
Frequency range 35 – 200 Hz
Sources KleerNet, Analog In , radio receiver
Input/Output 1 x USB (service), Wireless connection (KleerNet) to other STUDIOART speakers, 1 x power socket, 2 x analogue in (cinch)
Included power cord

Technical Data Sheet


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