Revox offers exclusive audio products in order to individually provide great sound experience invisibly and functionally in the living spaces of quality-conscious customers.

In addition to the invisibility and the omission of visible cables and technology, Invisible Speakers from Revox, in contrast to conventional loudspeakers, produce a wide sound image for a pleasant and impressive sound reproduction. The art of using flat-panel loudspeakers lies in the acoustic tuning, in order to adapt the sound to the spatial conditions and the carrier material used. This is where Revox‘s many years of experience become apparent, with which it is possible to create a unique room sound experience in every room.

Invisible Speakers from Revox are not just ordinary surface loudspeakers. They are integrated design elements, room sound wonders, security speakers, comfort sound systems and much more. They do not disturb – neither physically nor visually – and still offer an impressive sound quality. Their numerous advantages in use deliver a multitude of application possibilities – indoors as well as outdoors.
the unique audio system
Unlike conventional loudspeaker solutions, not only one point, the so-called sweet spot is sonicated. Due to a dis- persion angle of up to 180°, Revox achieves, room-filling acoustics. The materials and the membrane are decisive for a very good sound with flat panel loudspeakers. Revox has therefo- re developed its flat panel loudspeakers and the membrane in such a way that they are very light but highly stable and offer a particularly high efficiency. As a result, they achieve an excellent and convincing audio quality. Moreover, with special system amplifiers, the full potential of this unique surface loudspeaker technology can be used. Every room and every surface can be optimally tuned and thus becomes a holistic sound body through the Invisible loudspeaker.

We are guided by your design requirements. Almost all shapes, surfaces and structural requirements can be met. And this also enables the use in particularly demanding locations – indoors and outdoors.
Completely variable, flexible and safe. Living space visions can be perfectly implemented and impressive musical experiences can be integrated completely invisibly. Whether in walls, ceilings, facades, decorative materials, doors, cabinets: Invisible Speaker can be ideally integrated and for any design wishes, this results in undreamt-of possibilities.


Whether in a private or public setting. Indoors or outdoors. In a damp or dry room or in locations with special temperature conditions (-20 degrees/+80 degrees Celsius) or strong temperature fluctuations. We make you completely independent of spatial and local conditions. The sound solution can always be completely invisible and improves the comfort of the room and the personal feeling of living.

No matter which room or living concepts, with Revox, individual listening wishes and needs can be realized.
An impressive sound experience that can be integrated invisibly.

With nothing visible, nothing can go missing, be damaged or become dirty. And the excellent quality guarantees safety, dura- bility and sustainability. At home and also in public spaces, we offer you unique advantages and undreamt-of possibilities.

invisible unit speakers

invisible unit

$1,899.00 USD
Full-range speaker with special polymer membrane equipped with high-performance subwoofer and exciter. Especially for invisible integration in drywall, solid construction, walls and ceilings.

invisible sub

$1,599.00 USD
High-performance subwoofer with a special polymer membrane installed invisibly under plaster, paint or wallpaper.

invisible speakers

inv 20 mini

$1,099.00 USD