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The unique audio system

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The two high-end STUDIOMASTER M500 and STUDIOMASTER M300 audio systems are equipped with powerful, built-in amplifiers, a DAB+, FM tuner and an OLED glass front display. They also come with multiple connection options and accommodate a wide range of audio sources. Playback options include Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2.

They are also able to stream iRadio, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and qobuz. HDMI and other ports connect with TVs, tape recorders, headphones and CD players. The unique Revox Multiuser concept enables individual listening options for several users in one room. The Multiroom solution builds on the modular approach to deliver
the same versatility across different rooms

Technical Data

Output power: M500: 2x 180 Watt
M300: 2x 100 Watt
Colors: Housing: black , silver , white
Display: OLED Monochrome Graphic – white, 256 x 64 Pixel, with 7 touch sensors
Dimensions: W 200mm x H 80mm x D 322mm
Materials: aluminum housing, glass front display
Included: WiFi antenna
Product combinations: Revox loudspeakers (specific)
Revox STUDIOCONTROL C200 Revox wall control, remote control
Revox V219, V219b, V400
Revox Joy S22, Joy S37