B250 HiFi Amplifier

$2,395.00 USD

The iconic B250 HiFi amplifier, crafted between 1987-1993, redefined amplifier construction. As the manufacturer, our decades-long expertise ensures meticulous restoration of Revox devices with original parts. Receive a fully overhauled, refurbished B250, epitomizing pristine quality and timeless performance.

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Introducing the exquisite B250 HiFi amplifier, renowned for its timeless features. The exclusive dynamic quiescent current control, coupled with class A/B circuitry, harmonizes low power loss and the pristine distortion characteristics of a class A output stage.

Meticulous amplifier design achieves an exceptional dynamic range, where even at 50mW output power, the Revox B250 achieves an extraordinary 80dB extraneous voltage ratio, perfectly suited for digital precision.

With the B250, experience PCM-like dynamics for the first time. The intuitive interface separates primary and secondary elements, complemented by an IR remote control for effortless operation.

By harnessing cutting-edge CMOS D/A converters, we enable precise electronic control without compromising audio quality, allowing adjustable and stored level balance for the seven signal inputs.

Crafted from 1987-1993, the B250 HiFi amplifier stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment as the manufacturer. Restored with original parts, expect a fully rejuvenated and refurbished unit, complete with a new display, preserving its elegant legacy.