B226 CD Player

$1,695.00 USD

The B226 CD player, crafted between 1986-1994, embodies innovative technology and unparalleled high fidelity. As a manufacturer, we’ve been restoring Revox devices with original parts for decades. You’ll receive a fully overhauled and refurbished B226, delivering an impressive, like-new experience.

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With the birth of Revox’s Compact Disc player, a new era of refined musical enjoyment unfolded, transcending conventional boundaries. Dissatisfied with mediocrity, Revox’s unwavering dedication birthed an exceptional device, unparalleled in the realm of high fidelity, showcasing intelligence that rivals none.

Crafted in Europe, the digital-to-analogue conversion principle, featuring 16-bit quadruple oversampling, gracefully eradicates interference frequencies beyond the sampling rate’s half, while preserving the integrity of phase response, ensuring an exquisite sonic resolution. The B226’s 19 program steps unlock boundless programming possibilities, accompanied by swift access times, thanks to a remarkable reading speed of 15,000 tracks per second.

With one fixed-level and one variable audio output, the B226 offers versatility in audio delivery, while two additional outputs cater to future applications like CD graphics, CD-ROM, and digital dubbing.

The timeless B226 CD player, produced between 1986-1992, has been meticulously restored by our expert craftsmen using original spare parts, a testament to our enduring commitment as the manufacturer. When you acquire the B226 from us, expect nothing short of a fully rejuvenated and immaculate unit, ready to rekindle your passion for unrivaled audio excellence.