Even to this day and age, the A77 and B77 reel-to-reel tape machine still holds a special place in the hearts of every true-blue audiophiles. The newly refurbished versions can be integrated into Revox’s Multiuser System and can be controlled using the Revox app. Take a piece of audio history with these classic tape machines.

b77 MKI tape recorder

The B77 MKI tape recorder was built from 1977-1980. A real classic and milestone in the audio world. As the manufacturer, we have been reconditioning our Revox devices with original spare parts for decades. You will receive a B77 MKI tape recorder from us completely overhauled and refurbished. The impressive end result is a product as good as new.
$7,995.00 USD

B77 mkii tape recorder

Revox’s B77 hi-fi range, launched in 1977, may have seemed similar to its predecessor, the A77, but its major improvement lies in its use of sturdy aluminum die-casting for the chassis, head-block, pinch roller, and mechanism. Each mounting point is machined with extraordinary precision, making it a must-have for discerning audiophiles.
$8,595.00 USD

b226 cd player

The B226 CD player, crafted between 1986-1994, embodies innovative technology and unparalleled high fidelity. As a manufacturer, we’ve been restoring Revox devices with original parts for decades. You’ll receive a fully overhauled and refurbished B226, delivering an impressive, like-new experience.
$1,695.00 USD

b250 hifi amplifier

The iconic B250 HiFi amplifier, crafted between 1987-1993, redefined amplifier construction. As the manufacturer, our decades-long expertise ensures meticulous restoration of Revox devices with original parts. Receive a fully overhauled, refurbished B250, epitomizing pristine quality and timeless performance.
$2,395.00 USD

b215 cassette deck

The iconic B215 cassette deck, crafted from 1985-1994, sets the gold standard as a professional reference device. As the manufacturer, our decades-long expertise guarantees meticulous restoration with original parts. Receive a fully overhauled, like-new B215 cassette deck, showcasing timeless excellence.
$3,495.00 USD

Rediscover Sonic Brilliance of
Revox's Factory Rebuilt PR99 MKII Tape Machine

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