S37 Audio Server

$4,299.00 USD

The Joy Audio Server makes it possible to automatically record audio CDs on a local hard disk or on external storage media.

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Few things are as everlasting and as timeless as music.
It doesn’t matter if you speak of Mozart, Elvis or the Beatles, their sound is above the question of what’s fashionable. This constancy is reflected in the design and materials of the Revox Joy Audio Server. Premium glass combined with real aluminium highlights its elegance. The path to the perfect audio library has never been as easy to take as it is with the Revox Joy Audio Server. Everything you need to do is stored on one CD. The server starts as soon as it’s turned on and ejects the CD on its own after about ten minutes.

You can follow the process and set up your playlists on any monitor with an HDMI input. The song title information is also stored automatically. You can copy any music archives you already have onto the hard drive or incorporate them into the database. You’ll then be able to search your entire music archive using the Joy app or the S208 remote control and activate playback on the Joy Network Receiver.

The server features enough space for up to 1,500 albums in CD quality or 2,300 albums in FLAC compression. Owners who have even larger collections can seamlessly expand the storage space using the network or an external product. This makes the Joy Audio Server the perfect feeder for the Joy series and the Revox Multiuser System.


  • High-quality Audio Server
  • True Studio Sound Quality
  • Timeless Design and High-quality Materials in a Compact System
  • Solid Aluminium Cabinet and Glass Front Panel
  • Easy Operation on the Device, Using the Revox Joy App, or Remote Control
  • Low-noise Operation Thanks to External Power Supply Unit and Fanless Electronics
  • Integrated 1 Tb Hard Disk for Approx. 3600 Cds in Flac Format


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