B215 Cassette Deck

$3,495.00 USD

The iconic B215 cassette deck, crafted from 1985-1994, sets the gold standard as a professional reference device. As the manufacturer, our decades-long expertise guarantees meticulous restoration with original parts. Receive a fully overhauled, like-new B215 cassette deck, showcasing timeless excellence.

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Introducing the illustrious Revox B215 cassette deck, successor to the legendary B710, heralding an era far ahead of its time. Revered by hi-fi enthusiasts, this reference device showcases technical refinements, innovations, and Revox’s tape machine expertise, with impeccable tape guidance enhancing playback.

The B215 boasts a cutting-edge calibration computer featuring an integrated tone generator, offering precise adjustments at 500 Hz, 4 kHz, and 17 kHz for level, equalization, and bias, respectively. Separate measurements and adjustments for each channel ensure unparalleled accuracy. With six memory locations storing optimal recording settings, manual or fully automatic leveling is effortless, embodying studio-grade sound quality.

Crafted between 1985-1994, our meticulous restoration with original parts ensures the B215 arrives in impeccable condition. Experience a completely overhauled and refurbished cassette deck, adorned with new sound heads, epitomizing a pristine, collector-worthy product.