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The B77 MKI tape recorder was built from 1977-1980. A real classic and milestone in the audio world. As the manufacturer, we have been reconditioning our Revox devices with original spare parts for decades. You will receive a B77 MKI tape recorder from us completely overhauled and refurbished. The impressive end result is a product as good as new.

Introducing the legendary Revox B77 tape recorder, unveiled alongside a revolutionary hi-fi line at the prestigious 1977 audio trade shows. This remarkable ensemble included the B750 amplifier, B760 FM tuner, B790 record player, and BX series loudspeaker cabinets, all exquisitely designed.

The B77 offered various models, from high-speed to low-speed and super low-speed for monitoring tasks. Additional versions featured automatic recording start and pilot heads for precise slide projector control. Synch tape recorders boasted clock track amplifiers for flawless synchronous recording, while the B77-DOL showcased separate Dolby TM-B processors for unmatched noise voltage ratios.

Value preservation spanning generations is our commitment. Today, the B77 tape recorder seamlessly integrates into the latest Revox Multiuser System, controllable via the Revox App, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

Crafted from 1977-1980, our meticulous restoration replaces sound heads with new ones, ensuring a fully overhauled and refurbished B77 MKI tape recorder, presented in immaculate condition, preserving its timeless allure.

After ordering, you will receive a certificate.
The unit has a 2-year warranty.


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